Kerala trips! and the Ultimate Addiction.

“Kerala Ganja A.k.a KG” is the street phenomenon that is serving as the elixir for the creation of a new and f***** up hippy generation in Sri Lanka and by god it is serving by the bushels. It has taken up the younger generation by a storm it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The substance is hardly “Ganja” and never “Kerala”. The stuff is believed to be highly potent cannabis (or at least it was in the beginning) smuggled all the way from southern India or at least that is how it is sold. But even the most inexperienced pot head who was lucky enough to puff on some real weed at least once in his life time would not swallow that fable.

When smoked it gives a pungent odor and is known for leaving an unpleasant after-taste. There will also be some disgusting brownish oily residue that could be seen dripping from the roach/filter locally known as “Kahata”. Its almost impossible to be smoked in the form of Smooth Joints (Cigarette free) because it could be too strong on your throat. 0.5 Grams rolled into a spliff can Knock a person flat onto their back.

The “High” is not that of ganja. You don’t get stoned in the classical sense. Its mildly euphoric and psychoactive The high gives you a Light head and elevated mood, kind of like that feeling that passes through when you inhale a strong wiff of glue but more long lasting. You get a body high and feel mildly drowsy. You lose all the emotions you had before the smoke. Its not all peace and love and reggae! Its pretty trippy and it could go north and south depending on the setting. The bad trip could take a toll on your mind and body making you tired and losing all the positive energy. You’d just want to go home and sleep. You don’t get the “Munchies” as quickly, in fact you will lose your appetite if you were already hungry before the hit. Dilated pupil, puffy red eyes and the rest of the drug effects. The user loses his taste for the traditional THC induced high. Instead they crave that light headedness and that relieving numbness. The Post-high phase is usually depressing with a slight annoying head ache. This makes you want one more hit to get you back bouncing off the walls. Hence a cycle, hence the addiction.

KG is usually low quality(Shit) weed or some plant that looks like weed (That happens too) mixed with a couple of poisonous chemicals namely Formalin and a Domestic pest-killer(Mortien, Baygon etc..). And its also being mixed with other additives like Bees Honey, Heroine and Shoe-polish in order to develop different “Strains” or qualities and also to govern the addiction. Now we have highly potent so called strains like “Kerala Gold” and “Cheese” with lots of these mysterious ingredients. Each more potent than the last; The high drifting away further from that of THC. All these harmful additives makes this a very dangerous narcotic with lots of short term and long term effects. Even though its long term effects are not clear as its only been on the streets for the past 5 years or so I can make a safe assumption that its all going to be a train wreck. It clearly alters your perception. F**** up your thinking. Its pretty evident that the “KG Gaapars” have more in common with Crack heads than with Stoners.

Further enhancing the problem: Its CHEAP and AVAILABLE. Cannabis is Illegal here. War on an innocent and useful plant by the short sighted lawmakers have rendered the society blind with ignorance which has demonized stoners to a ridiculous extent. “Ganja habit” is rated worse than Alcoholism or prostitution (YEAH!). This ran the hemp plantations into the ground. “Mal” (Fresh local weed) is expensive and hard to find. This obviously backfired with a BANG! KG is no longer smuggled or imported, its a successful cottage industry run by ambitious petty criminals with no regulations whatsoever. A Piece (Kaalla) costs around Rs.500 and would suffice for two joints. And if you are the connected type you could get 10Gs for around Rs. 3000 which would be enough let you to roll some whopping 25 joints. Now we have dealers as young as 13. You need some cash? Buy 10Gs; Break them into 30 pieces; Sell them to your friends (Tell them you got it from someone else); Now you have Rs. 12000 in profits. You see the problem? its not stopping anytime soon.

How do i know all this you ask? I’ve talked to dealers. I have friends who deal. I’ve participated in around 500 circles myself. Had my share of the trips and now I’m worried about where all this is headed to. If you are a KG boy, you should know that I’ve quit and you should too (For your sake). Hopefully lets climb up that political ladder one day and make educated and practical changes? Lets legalize it, regulate it, tax it and reap the other accompanying benefits! Lets fly high on the good shit! Stay off this though! this is F****** evil! I’ve ranted a lot longer than i set out to rant and “no” i am not high right now.

Enough about KG, coming back to the topic – The Ultimate addiction is MUSIC! Yeah! Thats what this rant is all about….